A. Fatih Ulusoy


At Ulusoypark, under our brand Ulusoy Construction Inc., we continue to grow with belief and hard work in the construction sector.

Our principle is to be honest, hardworking, fast, and principled. Since our establishment, in a short period, we take pride in realizing many projects.

Ulusoy Construction Inc. respects the environment, the architecture of the region it operates in, cultural values, and its people.

This is the fundamental and unchanging truth of our corporate constitution.

In addition to our main growth axes, which are our machinery and construction business lines, our activities in tourism, investment, and consultancy will diversify and grow.

Our competence in offering pioneering and innovative products and services will enable our customer base to increase day by day and allow us to offer services in a wider range.

I express my gratitude to individuals, institutions, and organizations who trust us to implement their projects and to all our employees who have brought us to this point.


Ulusoypark represents its connected companies which they are in stronger capital structure and effort to diversify their investment with a new management approach.

Ulusoypark Group essentially concerns to construction, tourism, agriculture and livestock breeding and   mechanical design which is Turkey’s rapidly growing sector.

Behind the success of the Ulusoy’s park you can find the management approach productivity-centered; and its customer focused approach.

This approach is not only for material gains, also develops together with citizenship awareness which the whole community benefit and will   take advantage for it.

Ulusoy Park is a reputable and continuously developing corporate which continues to make major contributions to the development in Turkey as a company is succeeding.

Today, In order to become an accelerating force for our sector, We do business with our dynamic and substantial structure, we grow and implement tasks and continue our research in the business sectors which deliver a bright future.


Efor Havuz  which is founded in 1987 supports to the construction sector by the pool / sauna manufacturing and Projects.

Efor Havuz, is conducting to sale of the Opak, Ezarrı, Joyzone, Spaform, Dimension One Spas, Spa form, Klafs and Waterair brands in Turkey.

Ulusoy İnşaat Founded in 2006 began the Project life with residential and commercial projects.
Ulusoy İnşaat which mainly specializes in residential construction,
Focused on state of the housing sector in the A, A+ level.

Ulusoy inşaat is working for developing projects and real estate besides the construction industry.

Ulusoylar Turizm is founded in 2012, has opened its first 94-room accommodations with “B-SUITES “brand in the Gebze Organized Industrial Zone.